OVD - Ovocinárske družstvo

Apple Trees

115 ha

3100 t

Peach Trees

22 ha

180 t

Plum Trees

19 ha

50 t

Cherry Trees

10 ha

60 t

Sour Cherry Trees

11 ha

70 t


Vacant areas

to be planted


42 ha


Grown on 9 ha . Semi-early, harvested at the beginning of August. The fruits are medium sized and the flesh has a red blush at the pit.



This ripens 10 days after Redhaven. The fruits are of top quality and excellent flavour. The pith easily separates from the fruit.



We grow it on 4 ha. Ripens at the beginning of September. The fruits ripen evenly with the pith easily separated from the flesh. It is very good for canning.



Semi early, good for immediate consumption. These ripen about midway through August. The fruits are medium size, very juicy and of a delicate flavour.