OVD - Ovocinárske družstvo

The history of fruit growing in Dvory nad Žitavou

goes back to 1966 when the local cooperative started to plant the first apple tree orchards on 45 hectares (ha), apricot trees on 18 ha , peaches on 9 ha and pears on 5 ha . In 1971 the cooling storehouse was built with a capacity of 1,000 tons The cooling system operated on cooling by freon. The extension of orchards begun between 1986-1987 by planting apple trees (cultivars Idared, Jonared, Champion and Golden), apricots, plums, cherries and sour cherries on an area of 151 ha. In the 1990s the Netafim irrigation system was constructed on an area of 100 ha for the apple and peach treas. This measure significantly increased the amount of crops. Gradually, old orchards started to be replaced by the new, highly intensive orchards. At the beginning of 90s the name of the Coop was also changed.

The cooperative transformed into an agricultural cooperative, later on to the Association of Agro-Entrepreneurs-Coop, and only in 2004, through a division of the Association of Agro-Entrepreneurs-Coop into four independent entities, the current OVD-Fruit Growing Coop The current Coop Chairman is Mr. Emil Schultz, a long term employee who was one of the founders of the orchards in the Dvory nad Žitavou municipality.


OVD - Fruit Growing Cooperative


The Cooperative is incorporated in the Companies Register under the business name OVD-Ovocinárske družstvo (Fruit Growing Cooperative) as of 24 March 2004. The Coop currently manages 228 ha of orchards. The Coop has built its own cooling storehouse with a 1,000-ton capacity and a modern storehouse with ULO technology and a 1,200-ton capacity.

The Coop has its own sorter with a water flow that sorts the fruit that end up on shop shelves in domestic and foreign supermarket chains.


OVD - Fruit Growing Cooperative is a member of the sales association SK-Fruit. Due to supplying its production to supermarket chains the Coop's management decided to obtain certificate ISO 9001:2000 and certificate EurepGap that guarantee the high quality of the fruit grown in our orchards.


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