OVD - Ovocinárske družstvo

Apple Trees

115 ha

3100 t

Peach Trees

22 ha

180 t

Plum Trees

19 ha

50 t

Cherry Trees

10 ha

60 t

Sour Cherry Trees

11 ha

70 t


Vacant areas

to be planted


42 ha


Golden Delicious

We grow this cultivar on 34 ha. It is one of the most wanted types of apples due to its appearance and taste. It is juicy with a significant sweet and spicy aroma. It has a distinctive green-yellow colour, sometimes with a pinkish cheek. Its origin is the USA.



We grow this cultivar on 28 ha. This is an apple with a beautiful red colour and soft white flesh. It has a sweet and sour taste, a cross between Jonathan and Wagner from 1942.



We grow Jonagold on 9 ha. Juicy apple with crispy yellowish flesh. It has a sweet, very good taste. Originally from America, a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan.


Jonagored ®

We grow it on 3.5 ha and regularly have high crops. Very tasty, attractive apple with a deep red skin. The flesh is juicy, aromatic, and moderately hardy. Cultivated from Jonagold.


Pinova ®

An apple of a very delicate taste. It has a yellow, solid flesh, sweet, juicy and excellent taste. Cultivated in Germany , a cross of Clivia and Golden Delicious.


Granny Smith

Refreshing, sourish, juicy apple with solid flesh and a distinctive dark-green, shining skin. Discovered in 1698 in Sydney.



The flesh is juicy, creamy to yellowish, with a delicious taste. It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Coxova Reneta, originally from the Czech Republic.


Topaz ®

We grow it on 4.5 ha. Mid size orange apples with a red flush. The flesh is juicy, aromatic, sweet and sour, nicely refreshing. A cross of Rubine and Vanda.



We grow it on 7.5 ha. High quality, aromatic apple with a solid, crispy and very juicy flesh with a distinctively sour taste. Originally from New Zealand.